Allied Universal Security Job Openings

Allied Universal is hiring for security officer positions at Calhoun Square.  This account is located in the heart of Uptown and is an ideal spot for current or future Law Enforcement students/graduates.  This account places the security officer in a great deal of public contact and works alongside the Minneapolis Police often to assist the tenants of Calhoun Square and the visiting public to Uptown.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Working with building management and tenants

  • Working with the public in customer service and security roles

  • Working within a team to secure and ensure a safe environment in one of the busiest areas of Minneapolis

  • Lock down and opening procedures

  • Responding to calls for assistance

  • Occasionally removing people for code of conduct or criminal behavior


Security Officers onsite carry OC spray, handcuffs and expandable baton during their routine duties.  These defensive tools will not be issued until specific Allied Universal weapons training is conducted for each new security officer.

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