Sample & Savor at Kitchen Window

Calhoun Square’s anchor store, Kitchen Window, is excited to announce the recent launch of its Olivelle Olive Oil Tasting Bar!

Become an Oil Connoisseur

Did you know that not all oils are created equal? From smoke points to aromas to health benefits, there are lots of variables when considering your next oil. Fortunately, the experts at Kitchen Window can walk you through a tasting of 15 oils and vinegars, all freshly poured and ready to sample!

Fun Facts

  • Olive oil is one of the most versatile oils, lending itself to dipping, sauces and low- to medium-heat cooking

  • The term “Virgin Olive Oil” simply refers to the technical and mechanical processes of extracting the juice from the olive

  • Olive oil is a “fruit juice” produced by pressing the olive fruit

  • Olive oil is naturally high in beneficial monounsaturated fats and low in dreadful saturated fat

  • Harvest Fig is one of the most popular olive oil flavors at the sample bar!

The Program

Olivelle is one of the leading olive oil producers in the world, and Kitchen Window is the only location in Minneapolis to offer this label. Visit the olive oil tasting bar at Kitchen Window and find your favorites! Whether you like full bodied, fruit-forward, aromatic or flavored, there’s something for everyone.

After you sample and find your favorites, select your bottle and pour your oil fresh! Kitchen Window offers numerous bottle options of all sizes and price points, making this perfect for personal use or your next gift.

Once you’ve enjoyed all your oil, simply bring empty bottles back and find a new favorite! You can choose a new bottle of any size and shape and fill it with any flavor of oil or vinegar, making it the ultimate customizable gift.

Pro tip: If you’re ready to take your oil game to the next level, consider getting several smaller bottles and rotating through the oils based on your cuisine.

For more details, contact Kitchen Window or visit Calhoun Square in Uptown!

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