Hart and Soul Herbal launches new Calhoun Square location

Hart and Soul Herbal soapsHandmade lines of Sustainable Skin Care, Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy

Minneapolis, MN – Vanessa Hart Englund, Owner of Hart & Soul Herbal announced today that Saturday, October 29th, 2011, is the grand opening of her new store location. Located on the first floor of Calhoun Square, Hart & Soul will begin as a kiosk located near the Hennepin and Lake entrance and will move to a permanent store location within Calhoun Square in the future. Historically Hart & Soul has operated out of various farmers’ markets and other local venues in the northern suburbs. This will be its first permanent site.

Hart & Soul creates and produces organic skin care, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy products. With a core philosophy of drawing on the home remedies passed down from generation to generation, their goal is to create a non-toxic bathroom cabinet. They create organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free and sustainable products. None of the products contains synthetic fragrance or dye, and are also free of propyls, petroleum, lauryls, laureths, phthalates & parabens.

“My product line, along with its aromatic benefit, is for healing skin issues, from dry skin to diseases of the skin,” said Englund. “I’m thrilled to have a place to call home so my loyal customers can have daily access to my ever growing and customer driven product lines. I feel at home in the Uptown area as it’s a part of town that places value on the way I create and market my products with a commitment and conviction to creating sustainable organic products.”

Whole body solutions being offered include: herbal infusions (including bug spray, deodorants, belly balm etc.), essential oils (including blends to help with concentration, cough and cold and relaxation, focus, eyes, ears as well as distinct scents such as clove bud and fir needle, castile soaps (shampoo and body bars that naturally balance ph levels in the skin), and hydrotherapy (products that increase blood circulation to reduce inflammation, arthritis, & other chronic pain).

Hart and Soul Herbal creates, manufactures and markets skin care products. Their goal is making products that use the least amount of steps between God and consumption. They use ingredients that are historic because of their gentle extraction method. They practice certified and sustainable means in all aspects of business. They compose and package products with 100% organic materials and wrap with organic cellophane and label using ‘tree free’ Banana Paper. Follow Hart and Soul on Facebook or online.